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It is a type of science which includes the study of quality, structure, space, shape and change. Mathematics is the only subject which has influence in every field of life whether that is direct relation or indirect. Mathematics help us to introduce new patterns and ideas on regular bases. We offer the expertise of qualified and experienced tutors who will help you in algebraic concepts, skills needed to graph and solve linear equations and inequalities. All the important topics related to mathematics from Kington garden to K-12 will be covered.













Mathematics by Grades

Mathematics Usually get started from Kington Garden and kids are thought through numbers and toys etc. It take the role of a subject in the first grade and basic concepts starts from there like addition, subtraction, division and multiplication etc. Until 5th grade the concepts of Mathematics are not complicated while after that the influence of formulas etc. kick starts. 9th to 12th grade is considered as the baseline for higher mathematical studies. Our tutors are experts in Mathematics and will guide you through all necessary concepts and those in which you are weak.

1st to 8th grade

The tutors of these grades are specialized for these classes. Besides that, they know how to deal with below 10 years kids. We will provide individual as well as combined tutoring based on your choice.

Doing Homework

9th to 12th grade

Advance grade needs advanced and qualified tutors and we provide exactly the same. Customized learning opportunity is also present in these grade. If you want to know more please click on the button below.

Teacher Assisting a Student
Mathematics Expert
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Tariq Malik

Mathematics Tutor & Expert

  • M.A. In Education for Secondary Schools from the University of Phoenix.

  • B.S. in Management from UOP.

  • B.E (Civil) from N.E.D University of Engg & Tech 

  • B.Com from St Patrick Govt College 

  • B.A. in Mathematics from SNHU.

  • A.A. in Computer Science from UOP.

  • A.A. in Mathematics from VVC (Victor Valley College ).

  • A.A. in Mathematics from Barstow College.

  • Member of NSLS(The National Society of Leadership and Success)

I can teach any type of topic whether it is algebra, calculus, geometry or trigonometry etc.

I am available to teach virtually and physically both.

Mathematics Tutor
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Moona Imran

Mathematics Tutor & Management

MSc in Mathematics

I will teach you mathematics and also assist you in management.

I am available to teach you virtually only.

Charge $15/Demo class

Mathematics and Physics Tutor

M. Moazzam Amjad

Mathematics & Physics Tutor

BSc in Mechatronics Engineering

I here to teach you mathematics and physics. My expertise are in both subjects and I prefer individualized learning.

I am available to teach you virtually only.

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