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It is the brnch of mathematics related to the change in rate. Calculus is cosidered as one of the important part of mathematical courses alongside engineering courses. Electrical and civil engineering involves different types of calculus courses in their degree. Differential equations are considered important as it lies under calculus course. In short, calculus is the study of continuous rate of change. 

Some of the areas where calculus is used are motion calculation, acoustics, harmonics, dynamics and heat study.

Industries for calculus experts


It measures the relationship between the patient body and the drug absorption level. Similarly, it also measure organ functions and analyze different graphs.

Biological experts

Through calculus we analyze different types of bacteria and their behavior. Besides that, the working efficiency of different medicines can be analyzed.


Designing and scaling of different types of models and maps is done through calculus.


Interest and profit can be calculated through it alongside understanding of the productivity of the department.

Main Topics of Calculus

Trigonometric Functions

Exponential Functions

Logarithmic Functions

Statistical inference

Topic specific units will help the students concentrate on particular course areas. For example, a separate unit for derivatives and integration will assist students in different way. The interest of the students matter a lot and they may opt for customized learning according to their weak points. Lastly, this course will also guide you through the applications of calculus and how it influences fields like engineering and finance. 

Job Opportunities related to calculus

There are number of jobs opportunities related to calculus. A mathematical experts needs to have more than enough calculus skills. Some of the careers waiting for calculus experts are as follow:

  • Engineering jobs (Chemical, environmental, electrical and Aerospace).

  • Physicist

  • Economist

  • Software developer

Units to be covered

Introduction to Calculus & Numbers

Linear Functions & Spreadsheet

Derivatives and Quadratics

Rational Functions & Derivatives Cal

Exponential Function and Chain rule


Trigonometric and Inverse Functions

Derivative of inverse and trigonometric

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