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Chemistry is the branch of science in which different attributes of elements are studied. mainly the structure, composition and properties of elements are under consideration. Chemistry is the branch in which different types of experimentations are done. chemists mainly observe what is the reaction of elements and matters in different situations. Some experimentations are natural while some are conducted in lab. There are many branches of chemistry like analytical, biological, chemical, organic and inorganic chemistry.

Branches of chemistry

Analytical Chemistry

  • It is the branch of chemistry in which the chemist work on analytics of the subject.

  • In analytical chemistry techniques and instruments are used to separate, identify and then quantify matter.

  • Analytical chemistry means the percentage or numbers of elements, molecules or matter present within a specific domain.

Biological Chemistry

  • Biological chemistry also known as biochemistry is the branch of chemistry dealing with biological elements. It is the combination of biology and chemistry.

  • This branch of chemistry is involved with living things and mechanism involved in it.

  • It is the study of composition, structure and reactions occurring in living body and how to control those reactions.

Inorganic Chemistry

  • It is the branch of chemistry in which chemists deals with inorganic compounds.

  • The materials which are under observation and experimentation in inorganic chemistry are metals, minerals and organometallic compounds.
  • The work of inorganic chemists is to observe the behavior and attributes of inorganic materials. besides that, they understand how to separate, modify and use these components.

Organic Chemistry

  • The study of carbon containing compounds is known as organic chemistry.

  • Structure, properties, composition and reactions of carbon containing compounds are studied in organic chemistry.

  • Organic compounds mostly contain Carbon and hydrogen, but in some cases they may also contain nitrogen and oxygen etc.

Physical Chemistry

  • Physical chemistry is the branch of chemistry which deals with the relation of physics in chemical reactions occurring.

  • Physical chemistry involves the study of the behavior of matter and how chemical reactions occur.

  • Chemical chemists are involved in knowing the properties of atoms and molecules.

Chemistry by Grades

Chemistry is a subject related to science and chemical reactions. the subject gets started from 5th grade onwards in majority of the world. From grade 6th to 8th basics of the subject are thought in majority of the countries. Till 8th grade the science subjects are thought collectively in one book. After grade 8th till 12th the subjects get separated and subjects are thought more deeply. During this stage the subject is thought theoretically as well as experimentations are done in labs. this is intermediate mature stage of learning in which students have good command on basics and core knowledge of the subject. After intermediate or 12th grade chemistry is thought on higher level in which every branch of chemistry is studied.

6th to 8th Grade

Our tutors are highly qualified and experienced they will provide assistance alongside teaching to every single student. If you have any queries or want to know more about 6th to 8th grade chemistry or want to know about out offers, please click on the button below.

9th to 12th Grade

The level of chemistry subject get a little advanced in these grades that's why most of the tutors are changed. The tutors in these grades are highly qualified and experienced. students are also mature and they will get exposed to different experiments in these grades. If you want to know more and explore the offers please click on the button below.

Undergraduate and higher Grades

Chemistry is a subject related to science and is considered quite important for power and energy. The subject is mainly concerned with chemical reactions and organic-inorganic compounds. It is thought at higher levels of bachelor's, master's, and MPhil. The subject is considered very important and the branches of chemistry are studied more deeply in these higher grades. The subject involves a lot of practical work at this level. If you want to know more about studying at these higher levels and our offers, please click on the button below.

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