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California Subject Examinations for Teachers

CSET stands for California Subject Examination for Teachers. Before CSET, individuals used to have an undergraduate degree, used to teach in different institutes and hence due to less experience and firmless concepts somehwere reduced the quality of education. Therefore, CTC decided to have an examination type which test the skills of the desired teachers. Teachers who want to pursue their carrier in USA/California must go through CSET examination. Candidates passing CSET will meet the requirements needed for an individual to teach in a specific institute.​

Criteria of CSET

Basic Skills

This section of the test is based on the subtests. In this section different subjects are included along with the check test of writing skills.

Subject matter Competence

The test is composed of two types of choices. One is single subject wise test and the other is multiple subject test. In this section the candidate can decide which test to attend.

Educational Technology

This type of exam is carried out by those candidates who wish to get certified in California. This is mainly technology based examination.

Bilingual Authorization competency

Candidates who are interested in certification in a bilingual area can take this test. (CSET: World language exam to their competency)

Requirements of CSET test

  • Candidates  who are interested in taking CSET should have at least an accredit undergraduate degree.

  • They must possess basic level teaching skills.

  • They should choose Multiple or individual subject test according to their qualification.

  • The candidates are bound to achieve passing score in the respective subject.

  • Willing candidates for California teaching license are bound to complete educator preparation program as well. 

  • For detailed requirements please visit California commission for teaching credential (CTC) website.

Format of CSET

  • In majority of cases the test is computer base known as CBT's. The test is organized in a specified test center and it can also be taken remotely online.

  • Time varies according to the test selected by the candidate.

  • In multiple subject test there are three section. the first two sections are composed of 3 hours while the last section holds 2 hours 15 minutes.

  • Test is composed of Multiple choice and constructed questions.

  • In section one there are 4 constructed while 52 Multiple choice questions.

  • while in section 2 there are 3 constructed and 39 multiple choice questions.

Results suggest that students taking the test on second try pass the test with higher percentage than the first try. It means that their is a lack of guidance due to which candidates are not fully prepared for the first try. Therefore, it is necessary to have a complete guiding platform where individuals known about the requirements, format and procedure. Strategic learning and implementation is key to success. 

Dates, Registration and ways of CSET



Multiple Subjects

Social Science

Ways in which test is conducted

Remote test or Computer-Based Testing Center 

Writing Skills



Person Vue testing center



The Test is available throughout the year on working days.

Test can easily be registered on California Educator Credentialing Assessments Website

Scoring Criteria

Different tests/exams have separate criteria of scoring the tests. CSET is a type of exam which is not only dependent upon the Multiple choice or true/false type of questions. In CSET there are also constructed-response questions which require a type of detailed answers. Besides constructed-response questions there are multiple choice questions which holds greater percentage. Multiple choice questions are scored by the computers while constructed-response questions are scored by the selected qualified Educators.

Percentage Per Question Types

Multiple Choice

Constructed-response  Questions

Subtest Type


Social Sciences

Multiple Subjects

Percentage Per Question Types

Multiple Choice

Constructed-response  Questions

Subtest Type

Science Subtest I

Science Subtest II

Percentage Per Question Types

The below Subtests are either 100% based on multiple choice questions or constructed-response questions.

Subtest Type

English Subtests

Writing Skills

CSET Multiple Subject Exam

CSET English Exam

CSET Mathematics Exam

CSET Science Exam

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