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Quran Course

Quran Majeed is a religious book of Muslims. It contains information which is based on history and future. Reading Quran is not enough but instead to read it with proper accent known as Tajwid and to understand its translation means a lot. We provide the expertise of Qualified and Experienced tutors who will teach you Quran in both physical and virtual capacity.

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Learn Quran With Tajwid

It is necessary for Muslims to learn Quran and correctly pronounce the wording of Quran Majeed. Therefore, We provide the Services of teaching Quran with Tajwid as it is the talking of God. 

Learn Quran With Translation

Quran initially came in Arabic language then it was translated to different languages. Yet the translation is not enough for the correct interpretation of the sentences. Therefore, a teacher is necessary who guides through the correct interpretation and meaning of the Quran. We provide this opportunity so don't miss out.

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Features of Virtual Learning

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