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US Elite Tutoring provides online and offline expert tutoring service.

We’re a tutoring service with the mission to provide a world-class education in Maths, Science Subjects & English for anyone, anywhere.

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Mathematics is taught by our world class quality math specialists. Tutors are available for almost every grade. Our Math's tutors are highly professional and experienced. To avail deep understanding about the subject and offers please click on the button below.

IELTS Training

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IELTS is taught by native Americans. Our tutors have full command on all four modules of IELTS. The tutors will fully prepare and provide assistance about IELTS module and test. To know more about the course and what we offer click on the button below.


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Chemistry is taught by our world class quality chemistry specialists. almost every branch of chemistry will be covered by our tutors. students satisfaction will be prioritized. If you have any queries or want to know about our offers please click on the button below.


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Quality English is taught by native Americans. Just like IELTS courses English courses will be thought by experienced and professional tutors. grammar and vocabulary will be focused by the tutors. To know more about the subject please click on the button below.


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Abbreviation of ACT is American college test. This is a type of test which can be given to secure admission in American college or universities. This test is comprised of different sections and it tests different skills of the students. By this test an institution knows whether a specific student is good enough to be given admission or not.


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The Abbreviation of SAT test is Scholastic Aptitude test. this test is taken by the students who wants to enroll in college or university. This test is considered as the stepping tone in securing admission in university. SAT is composed of three main sections known reading, writing and Mathematics.

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Homework Help

If you are struggling with your homework and need assistance, then US ELITE TUTORING is the way forward. Connect to the expert tutors on our platform and get started. 

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Customized Learning

Customized or personalized learning gives an in-depth knowledge about how to plan and achieve a target. Customized learning means that we as a company offer many ways to learn. A student can plan his learning with his tutor which will increase the confidence of both. After reading the passage an individual will be aware of what customized learning is, how to achieve it? and what are the expected results.


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California Subject Examination for students (CSET) was developed by the California commission for teacher credentials. This examination test the teaching skills of the teachers that whether they are qualified enough to start teaching in private institutes or not. This test is counted in important tests for becoming a professional teacher. This test is conducted for a variety of the subjects. 


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ASVAB known as Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery is a type of test which is used to check the ability of the candidates in Science, Math and Language. Clearing this test means that you are qualified and you will find a job which will match your skills. In short, it is a type of test which set the future career of the person. 

Quran Course

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We provide an opportunity to the students who want to learn Quran and Islamic history. Here we provide the expertise of Qualified Quran teachers who will teach Quran with tajwid and translation. Alongside that, Islamic events will be involved in the classes do that the students have basic idea about it.

We provide Virtual learning opportunities with number of benefits


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Early Education

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Exam Preparations

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Homework Help

Personalized learning

We utilize your current school's curriculum to ensure higher grade percentages. 

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Students practice at their own pace.

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