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We will provide you the finest Umrah & Hajj experience in affordable prices. You can avail variety of offers which include individual, couple and group Umrah & Hajj Packages.

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Necessary Umrah information

Why you should go on Umrah?

Umrah is one of the important part of religion Islam with Hajj if one can afford it. It is the Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad and those who believe in him perform this act. Performing this responsibility make people more committed towards the religion and feel spiritually on high level. Umrah is a type of duty which give a sense of cleanse and wipe out all the bad deeds of the past.

How to plan your Umrah journey?

Umrah is a type of duty which everyone wants to perform once in his life. This is why when you decide to go for an Umrah, then you need proper planning. This is because Umrah is not just to visit Haram and perform Umrah but besides that, you need to visit historical and Holy places in Mecca and Madinah. We provide you variety of packages which include state of the art shelter and transport for pilgrim's. The Packages also include visas and flights for the American peoples. So, if you are planning to go for an Umrah contact US ELITE TRAVELS who will provide you a proper guidance about the journey.

Why choose Us?

US ELITE TRAVELS provide you with a variety of cheap Umrah packages, that are available for individuals and groups as well. The packages are for the American people as well and we provide flights from world class airlines. Besides that, we provide 5 to 7 star hotels reservations and other services. You can choose customized packages which will be based on your choices. 

Necessary things you need to have before going to Umrah?

Going for an Umrah means traveling to the Holy City of Mecca, this means that you should have a valid passport before applying. The passport should be valid for at least 6 months or more while you apply. Besides that, other documents should also be valid like medical documents, ID card etc. Any documents that are not valid will lead to refusal from the travel company and the embassy as well.

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