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Armed Services vocational Aptitude Battery

This test is conducted to check the ability of the students in subjects like Science, Math and language. This test is considered important for the careers of the candidate in Armed Forces because it is necessary to be cleared. If not passed it means that the candidate is not fit to start his professional career in any field. This test determines the ability of the students and according to that he will pursue his future job in Armed forces.

It is a professional test that's why preparation for this particular test is necessary. US ELITE TUTORING provides you the opportunity to prepare for the test and the subjects included in it. Our tutors will also guide you through the format and necessary information about the test. We will conduct practice examinations and home assignments which will polish the skills of the students. Our company will help you in achieving your goals and targeted scores to enter into the armed forces.

Areas Covered by ASVAB Tutoring


Armed forces qualification test is one of the important part of the ASVAB test. It determines the strengths and abilities you posses and what are the areas in which you can serve as a service man. ASVAB can be divided into 10 composite areas known as base line scores. These areas are as follow along side the courses which are necessary to score good in these particular areas or job streams. The highest score that can be secured at ASVAB is 99 while the passing score is 31 and above. Below are some of the career streams and the necessary course areas in the armed forces.

American forces qualification test



Field Artillery

General Maintenance

General technical

Mechanical maintenance


Important Information You Should Have about ASVAB

ASVAB is one of the necessary test to get selected for the U.S. Military. This test opens your doors for serving on important positions in the military. More importantly the test classify the skills of the students and based on that they can serve on different job positions in the U.S. military.

The desires of the candidates for enrolling in the military are wide and large due to different reasons. Some wants to have good training opportunities while the others want to travel by succeeding in military. On the other side, majority of the candidates are interested in high pays and bonuses. Achieving these types of jobs and position is not easy and your ASVAB score can play an important role in it.

It is important that you have interest in anything you want to do and same is the case with ASVAB test and the military positions related to it. ASVAB test is not a straight forward one therefore you need to have a good practice of it. We invite you to book our course and achieve the opportunity of attempting ASVAB practice tests. These tests are helpful in many ways like it gives you the real taste of the test and besides that it familiars you to the conditions of the test. Most importantly the questions of the test are those which are expected in the real test as well.

Our practice test will give you the real-time experience of the main test. Therefore, heading towards the test you will feel confident and aware of the situation you are going to face. The advantage of the practice test is that you will have the idea of your strong and weak areas. 

Our tutors will provide you guidance throughout preparation.  Besides that, they will help candidates through study guides and will assist through different strategies which can be used in the test. Our company will provide you the opportunity of taking the practice test several times until you are fully prepared for the real test. 

Get Prepared on any Device

We give access to the materials and practice test online. The candidates are allowed to have access through variety of devices like computer, laptop and mobile phones.

Get Prepared Anywhere

We provide physical and virtual tutoring both. Secondly our preparation materials are present online. Our tutors will be there to assist you 24/7. 

Several Attempts

The candidate can attempt the practice tests several time until he feels good to go for the main test. The candidates will have the opportunity of customized learning and proceeding with their own pace.

Useful Videos

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