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Armed Services vocational Aptitude Battery

This test is conducted to check the ability of the students in subjects like Science, Math and language. This test is considered important for the careers of the candidate in Armed Forces because it is necessary to be cleared. If not passed it means that the candidate is not fit to start his professional career in any field. This test determines the ability of the students and according to that he will pursue his future job in Armed forces.

Is ASVAB Tutoring Necessary?

It is a professional test that's why preparation for this particular test is necessary. US ELITE TUTORING provides you the opportunity to prepare for the test and the subjects included in it. Our tutors will also guide you through the format and necessary information about the test. We will conduct practice examinations and home assignments which will polish the skills of the students. Our company will help you in achieving your goals and targeted scores to enter into the armed forces.

Areas Covered by ASVAB Tutoring


Armed forces qualification test is one of the important part of the ASVAB test. It determines the strengths and abilities you posses and what are the areas in which you can serve as a service man. ASVAB can be divided into 10 composite areas known as base line scores. These areas are as follow along side the courses which are necessary to score good in these particular areas or job streams. The highest score that can be secured at ASVAB is 99 while the passing score is 31 and above. Below are some of the career streams and the necessary course areas in the armed forces.