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As the name suggest this test is about the knowledge of words. In this test your vocabulary as well as knowledge about the meaning of the words is tested. This test is considered one of the important one because is shows how fluent and smooth you are in English subject. Before attending the test it is necessary for you to learn about the test pattern and nature. This page contains all the necessary knowledge related to that.

ASVAB Word Knowledge Test Pattern

There are two types of test for Word Knowledge section one is computer-based while the other is Paper and pen based test. The computer based test is known as CAT-ASVAB and the other one is known as P&P-ASVAB. CAT-ASVAB has about 15 questions which should be completed in 9 minutes time. On the other hand, P&P-ASVAB contain 35 questions which should be completed in 11 minutes. Looking at the outlook of both tests it can be observed that P&P-ASVAB is more difficult as compared to CAT-ASVAB.

ASVAB Word Knowledge Online Materials

Most of the students opt for CAT-ASVAB test which means that the are goin to attend it on computer via internet. Therefore, majority of the students are comfortable with online preparation. US ELITE TUTORING provides you all the necessary materials which will prove helpful in your preparation. 

  • Full time in depth lessons

  • Hundreds of practice questions

  • Flash cards usage

  • Video tutorials

  • Access to computer systems (If required) and online study materials.

  • Access to online practice tests.

The required score of word knowledge test is different for different positions in the military. As discussed above majority of the students opt to take CAT-ASVAB that's why we advise you the same as well.


Taking multiple practice tests will enable you to get ready for the CAT-ASVAB and while attending the examination you will be confident and comfortable. In addition, the practice test can be attended as many times as you can and it will polish your skills.

One of our guide and tutor will always help you with the preparation and the practice test. You can ask questions and they will help you with all the available resources. 

Master Your ASVAB Word Knowledge Test with Us.

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