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ASVAB Auto and Shop Information System

Auto and Shop Information ASVAB section check your knowledge and abilities related to automotive industry, Its manufacturing, repair and fastener tools. This section can play vital role in the induction to the military forces because automobile industry is in wide range over there. Besides that, this test also identify your knowledge about various shop practices and tools. 

Important Topics on ASVAB AS

Types of questions on ASVAB AS

There are variety of questions related to the automobile, its function, manufacturing and repair. Some of the sample questions are as follow:

  • What is the primary function of the clutch?

  • For what purpose screwdriver and Torque wrench is used?

  • Why multimeter is used in the repairing system?

  • What is the basic mechanism of brakes?

Above are some of the examples and samples which can appear in the ASVAB AS test.​

Number of Questions and Allowed time

Computerized Version of paragraph comprehension Test Contains 22 Questions and has a time limit of 13 minutes. 11 questions are auto related which should be done in 7 minutes while 11 questions are shop related which should be completed in 6 minutes.

Paper & pen Based paragraph comprehension Test contains 25 Questions and has a time limit of 11 minutes. In which half of the questions are auto related while the other half are shop related.

Our Preparation Course include

  • In-depth Lessons

  • Practice Questions

  • Video tutorials

  • Flash Cards

  • Mobile and internet access and more

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