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ACT and SAT both are considered as the standard tests to gauge the readiness of the students. Both tests have value in the American colleges and university admission criteria. The students sometimes hesitate in understanding which test is better and they should attempt. both are valuable but having some differences in content, structure and times. After knowing these differences it will be easy for an individual to know which test is suitable for them. Here we will provide you a comparison of both from which you can decide easily.

Which test to take?

As the value of both test is about same therefore students opt for that test which are easy but that is not the case. These are standardized tests and organized all around the world. The difficulty level of both tests are about same and they can't be differentiated on that. These tests varies from each other in terms of your prior knowledge and structure. It is advised that you should appear in the practice test of both SAT and ACT. This will give you an idea that in which tests you can flourish percentage wise. Normally the impression is that students who are good in English and verbal skills will score better in ACT, while those who have amazing Math's skill will dominate SAT.

Decide on ACT writing section.

Till early 2021 their was optional essay in the SAT test but the board has removed that from the format recently. On the other side, ACT is still composed of writing section which last for 40 minutes. Now the decision to take or ignore writing section depends on the individual. If individual is good in writing, grammar and has a good speed then he should think about the writing section. Experts or those individuals who have attempted ACT think that the test takers should ignore writing section. One of the main reason behind this is that its not valuable anymore and colleges tend to ignore them. Still the students should enquire the college they are applying to about the writing section recommendation. Majority of the students appear in the optional writing section and it can be good in a way that the college can have an extra look into your abilities. It is possible that you perform bad in one of the other section but you are good in writing and that's why you get recommendation. It is advised that the students should appear in the optional writing section it can help you instead of creating problems.  

ACT & SAT score conversion

To provide an extra knowledge about the ACT and SAT scores criteria and conversion the following chart gives you an idea. The Average test score is 1051 for SAT and 20.6 for ACT.






ACT & SAT timings

As it can be noticed from the scores that both tests have different scores, therefore same is the case with timings. SAT test doesn't include science section but the questions comes related to it throughout.




3h-55min in total

3 hours in total

35 min Reading

45 min English

60 min Math's

35 min Science

65 min reading

35 min writing

35 min language

80 min Math's

40 min optional writing section

Cost of ACT and SAT also varies as the registration fee for SAT is $52 while that of ACT is $55 without writing section. If the writing section is included so the cost may rise to $70. Additional charges can also apply in case of late registration.

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