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How to prepare for CSET multiple subjects test

CSET is a different type of test from other tests like language tests or academic tests. This test judges the educators knowledge about a specific subject. Multiple test involves different subjects at a time therefore different ways of study should be tested to have a command on the test. following are some of the tactics to have a good preparation.

  • Initiate group study, study guides and flashcards.

  • Incorporate online learning about different subjects.

  • Take as much practice tests as you can. This will enable you to know about the basic curriculum related to the exam.

  • Practice test will also help in knowing important topics and questions which appear once and again in the exams.

  • The students should test themselves in real-time exam environment. 

  • Practice tests should be completed within the allocated time.

  • Ensure that MCQs part is fully attempted as it holds solid marks.

  • Computer-based testing tutorials should be used as well.

Tips for CSET multiple subject exam

Sometimes attending multiple subjects at a time becomes very difficult, therefore innovative tips and tricks should be used to attempt the exam. below are some of the test which will help you.

  • Study important and highlighted topics which are mostly repeated over the years.

  • Give more time to those topics which are important and least prepared for.

  • Prepare through the most trusted resources and accepted in California.

  • Use sample questions for preparation.

  • The test takers should avoid extra risks like getting late for the exam, therefore the candidate should have knowledge about the exam arena and available parking.

  • Valid ID should be used in the test and the rules should be followed strictly.

  • No physical papers are allowed as the exam is CBT, so the candidate should be aware.

  • Follow the on screen directions and recheck your answers after completion. 

Is CSET examination hard?

Every test has some level of difficulty and CSET is counted among those professional exams which are hard to attempt. According to California Commission for Teaching Credentials (CTC) from 2015 to 2020 about 65% of the candidates pass the test. While 83% of the remaining 35% candidates pass CSET in the second attempt. But dedicated study can help candidates clearing the test on the first attempt. 

The thing which bring many individuals in trouble is time management and long duration test time. Candidates who are willing to attempt all subjects at a time will have to spend 5 hours on it. while those individuals who want to take break in between will have to spend 8 hours and 15 minutes. This is a very long duration and exhausts the candidates on majority of the occasions. Candidates who feel stress in the exams are advised to go for the test which involves breaks in between.

Distribution Of Content and scores in Multiple subject test

CSET multiple subject test is based on three subtests. All these subtests have separate content are and number of questions. The educators are bound to pass all these subtests to work as an educator in the elementary school.

Sub Test 1

Number of Multiple Choice Questions


Number of Constructed-Response Questions


Allowed Time



Reading, Language, Literature
History and Social Science

Sub Test 2

Number of Multiple Choice Questions


Number of Constructed-Response Questions


Allowed Time





Sub Test 3

Number of Multiple Choice Questions


Number of Constructed-Response Questions


Allowed Time



Physical Education 
Human Development
Visual and Performing Arts

Registration, Schedule and Fee

  • Registration for the CSET Examination is open throughout the year.

  • The candidate will have to register first on the official website of CSET in Pearson Vue.

  • After registration the candidate will be allowed to schedule his test any time and any day of the week.

  • The test can be taken in the desired testing center of the candidate. They are present in California as well as throughout the United states. 

  • Candidates are also given the option of attending the test online through virtual proctoring system.

  • The candidate has also a choice of rescheduling or canceling a test after appointment.

  • The fee of single subtest appointment is $99 while combine is $297.

  • To attain additional copy the charges for that are $10 while the charges of verification are $50.

  • The result of the test is announced in a month.

  • Candidates who have not passed any of the subtest can apply for the retake.

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