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Biological Chemistry

The course is related to the properties of the cell along with it's building blocks. The basic principles of metabolism will be under consideration. The areas which are under observations of biological chemists are:

  • how food energize the living body. ​

  • what role heredity play in metabolism of human body.

  • causes of disease, how its nature changes and how to   overcome a particular disease.

The domain in which biological chemistry or biochemistry work are agriculture, food science and pharmacology etc.​

About This Course

An introductory course to biochemistry that consumes about 10 to 15 hours weekly. The students are guided through different techniques like video lectures, experimental videos and access to different biochemistry assignments. The students are encouraged to research different books and articles. The courses are divided into different modules, that consist of the following elements.

  • Reading from the textbook.

  • lectures and assignments.

  • Video lectures.

  • Problems and solutions.

Basic Biochemistry

This module will be covered in about 5 to 7 sessions. Each session is composed of 60 to 90 mins.

Lab Work

Job opportunities related to organic chemistry

Biological chemistry is mainly related to cell and its properties. This course can prove vital for those individuals who are interested in biochemistry career. It is important to know about the core courses of any career and Biochemistry is one of them. Pathways of jobs that can open for you after having enough organic chemistry skills are as follow:

Chemical Technician

Laboratory Technician

Forensic Science Technician

Chemical Engineer

Forensic Scientist

Wildlife Biologist


Molecular biologist

Life science consultant

Research Scientist



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