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Organic Beetroots

Organic Chemistry

The study of organic compounds is known as organic chemistry or compounds that contain one or more atoms of carbon. It is an important branch of chemistry, because the production of many useful products is related to these compounds. The expertise of organic chemists is mostly in utilizing the existing compounds and try to initiate new organic compounds. Organic compounds can be found in agriculture, pharmaceuticals, coating and cosmetics etc. The demand of organic chemists is in Biotechnology, Petroleum and organic industrial chemistry. 

We believe in structural learning by providing the complete mechanism of the course. Below is the outine of the whole course unit-wise. But if you want to attend any specific unit or topic, it is also available. Therefore, don't hesitate to contact us if you want to take full course or any specific unit/units.

Unit 01

Unit 02

Unit 03

Structure and

Resonance and Acid-base Chemistry

Alkanes, Cycloalkanes and functional groups

Job opportunities related to organic chemistry

Organic chemistry is mainly related to industries and synthesis of organic products. This course ca prove vital for those individuals who are interested in pharmaceutical career. It is important to know about the core courses of any career and organic chemistry is one of them. Pathways of jobs that can open for you after having enough organic chemistry skills are as follow:

Pharmaceutical Scientist

Will conduct research on different chemical and carbon compounds that can be used in medical products like medicines

Chemical Engineer

Manufacturing different types of products after having research on chemical products.

Environmental Scientist

Observation of chemical products impact on the environment and suggesting different techniques to reduce harmful effects. 

Food Scientist

Observing the reactions taking place in different types of food and its effect on individual health.

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