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Geometry Tools


This course is totally related to shapes, its sizes and angles. The space of the shapes along with its angles, symmetry and sizes will be discussed here. Alongside that, different types of theorems will be taught in the courses and how to find different parameters through it. This course includes critical mathematical vocabular like circumference, parralel, similar and cross-section.

Learning outcomes

This course will enable you to have a grip on the following areas:

  • You will be able to understand different mathematical and geometrical terminologies.

  • You will know how to get geometrical results through unknown angles.

  • You will understand the use of protector.

  • Different types of symmetries such as line and rotational will be easy to understand for you.

  • Identify and fill the areas of triangles and other shapes.

Stationary photo

Important Units


Shapes and Symmetry

Areas and Volumes

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