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Math Formulas


This is one of the first high school course, that includes core concepts of mathematics. some of the core concepts that the students will come across in this course are units, integers, equalities and inequalities, square root, functions and decimals etc. After this course some of the advanced courses will follow, for what this course is pre-requisite. 

Pre-Algebra Course Curriculum

Pre-Algebra course covers the following areas:

  • Equations and graphs

  • Algebra formulas and absolute values.

  • Scientific notations.

  • Whole, natural and negative numbers etc.

Besides that, the students will learn how to add, subtract, multiply and divide, integers, numbers and decimals. 

Outcomes of this course will result in solving equations and inequalities alongside quadratic equations. 

Job opportunities related to Pre-Algebra

Pre-Algebra is mainly related to number and formulas. This course can prove vital for those individuals who are interested in Algebraic careers. It is important to know about the core courses of any career and mathematics is one of them. This course can prove helpful for those who are interested in becoming educators at any level. Pathways of jobs that can open for you after having enough Algebraic skills are as follow:

Finance professional




Math Formulas and a Calculator

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Introduction to Algebra


Exploring integers and inequalities


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