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Statistic designs


It is a subject or branch of mathematics related to numbers and its calculations. Every financial expert will have to attend this course as it play a vital role in the stream of finance and banking. Gathering, organization, analysis and presentation of large set of data is concerned with this branch of mathematics. Crucial predictions related to different fields are made by the help of this subject.

Main topics of Statistics

Data Collection and P-Values

Random Variables and Distribution

Excel Formulas and Confidence intervals

Statistical inference

Statistical analysis is one of the core concept of statistics and those who want to be fluent in it should be good in the following skills.

  • Problem Solving 

  • Critical thinking

  • Analytics Programming and Research

Job opportunities related to Statistics

Statistics is mainly related to financial calculations. This course can prove vital for those individuals who are interested in Statistical careers. It is important to know about the core courses of any career and mathematics is one of them. This course can prove helpful for those who are interested in becoming educators at any level. Pathways of jobs that can open for you after having enough Algebraic skills are as follow:

Government Finance Sector



Educational Institutes

Revewing Graphs

Units of statistics


Displaying and comparing quantitative data


Modeling data distributions




Counting, permutations and combinations


Random variables 

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