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Students success rate gets higher due to parental involvement in Education

As an educator we know that the involvement of parents is as important as that of students and teachers. It is right that teachers can help students getting on the right side of their path. But it is also necessary to understand that students spend more time with their parents as compared to teachers. Therefore the grooming of parents and their encouragement matters a lot.

The responsibility of parents is not limited to checking their child's attendance and home work. But instead they should look after their feelings, what they think about school and the issues they are facing in school. Sometimes, students are afraid to express their feelings in front of their teacher that's why the involvement of the parents make sense.

Most of the times students and parents have such packed schedules that they cannot give enough time to each other or in other words parents are unable to concentrate on their kid and their progress in the school. In these circumstances the parents should opt for alternative ways of connecting themselves in education of their child. Some of the fruitful alternative ways are discussed below:

  • Follow all social media handles of the school as well as district education institution.

  • Sign up to the monthly newspaper issued by the school.

  • Regularly participate in the parents-teacher meeting.

  • Be responsive in social media groups for parents.

  • Join organizations which are specified for parents.

  • Participate in volunteer work.

The parents can also help students at home by providing them the necessary environment to learn. The parents should give students a sense of engagement in their children education. As a parent you should tell your kid about the necessity and advantages of education. You can help your child to succeed by providing them a attractive environment for study at home. They should be assisted while their homework and assignment's. At the time of study the distraction should be near to none so that the kid can concentrate on his concepts. Besides that, the students should be provided with an organized schedule that gives an idea to them that there education is as important as any other activity.

Parental involvement play an important role in the success of their child and they most often set the tone of the study. Parents play critical role in shaping the attitudes of students towards learning. Alongside that, the relationship of the students and teachers can be enhanced by the efforts of the parents. According to research students whose parents are involved in education most probably succeed in the following departments.

  • Succeed in graduation from high school and college.

  • Obtain higher grades in final exams.

  • These students are confident and motivated.

  • Have excellent communication and collaboration skills.

  • Posses enhanced classroom behaviors.

It is a time to show your student that you are involved in their education and care about their future. You should constantly participate and enquire them about their progress. Start with minor conversations about the school, education and teacher. After that, practice all the available necessary practices discussed above in the text.

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