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How to structure your tutoring sessions?

Updated: May 2

Structure your tutoring

Sometimes the Students and parents are worried about the structure of the tutoring sessions. Most importantly the students want customized tutoring sessions, which they don't get in majority of the cases. Therefore, a discussion between parents, teachers and students can play an important role in the conduct of fruitful tutoring sessions. Here are some guidelines for structuring your tutoring sessions.

  1. Prioritizing. This is the most important method in structuring your tutoring sessions. Prioritizing means giving importance to such topics which are expected to influence learning. For example, preparing for the tests and exams which are coming in the near future. In this scenario, topics related to that test or quiz will be prioritized as compared to others. On the other hand, there are some topics in the content that are considered important for the exams. Therefore, while structuring the sessions those topics should be given more importance.

  2. Maintenance. As the name suggests that these sessions can be considered the second round. In these sessions, the students are helped with clarification of different concepts and guiding them through the topics again. Maintenance sessions help in achieving 100% goals of the topic. Maintenance sessions can be in the form of homework discussions, classroom discussions, and direct Q&A sessions.

  3. Balancing. After going through the first two methods the balancing technique becomes more important. Sometimes, we as a student and teacher give priority to every topic which is in return very hectic for us. This is why balancing becomes importance, it means maintaining a proper balance between prioritizing and maintenance method. This will help in giving importance to those topics which are expected to influence learning in near future as well as going through it multiple times due to maintenance technique.

It is a fact that structuring lies under personalized learning techniques. Where the choice of student holds importance alongside the time selection.

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