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Fraction in simple words means dividing any thing into parts or dividing a whole into parts. Here the parts can be equal as it is divided on one number which will yield equal parts. For better understanding we called that number a fraction in which one number is divided on another number. We can also say that when nominator is divided on denominator. For example the simplest example of fraction is that we have a birthday cake round in shape and divided into 6 equal parts. 2 parts of the cake are eaten by you while the 4 remained. Now the parts that are eaten by you can be represented in fraction by 2/6.

Cake Example

Fraction is a familiar number in our everyday life and we use it quite often but are unaware of it. For example fraction is used in time, days, food etc. as well. like when we tell time to each other so we say quarter hour or say half an hour this means 1/4 and 1/2 respectively. similarly there are 365 days in a year and every day is a fraction of it. Alongside that, we use percentage of ingredients in a food that is another way a fraction. Because 75% of a specific ingredient in food means 3/4 of the whole recipe.

Types of Fraction

Fractions has three main types known as proper fraction, improper fraction and mixed fraction.

In proper fraction the nominator is less than denominator and the nominator present a part of the whole.

In improper fraction the nominator is greater than or equal to denominator.

Mixed fraction is the addition of proper fraction and the whole number.

Types of Fractions

Some examples from which you will understand fractions are as follow:

Examples of fractions


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