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Algebra: Composition of variable, constant and coefficient

Updated: May 2

This image shows algebra related expressions, equations and graphs

Algebra is the branch of mathematics in which arithmetic operations and variables are represented in mathematical expressions. Al-Khuwarizmi is the Father of Algebra who introduced Algebra to this planet and its people. It resolves problems introducing variables and mathematical operations( e.g; Addition, Multiplication, Division and Substraction) in it self. The word algebra comes from the Arabic: الجبر, romanized: al-jabr, lit. 'reunion of broken parts, bonesetting' from the title of the early 9th century book ʿIlm al-jabr wa l-muqābala "The Science of Restoring and Balancing" by the Persian mathematician and astronomer "Al-Khwarizmi".

Composition of Algebra is:

This image shows composition of algebra

Variables: are known as "unknown"in the problem. They are tend to be solved. This can be any object, time period, idea and feeling. Variables are the part of mathematical expression and equation. For instance, There are two types of variable: Independent and Dependent variable. Independent variables are those which are not dependent on any other factor/variable. Dependent variables are those which depends on other factor/variable.

This image shows demonstration of dependent and independent variable in an equation

Constant: Constant is said to be a number in algebra that does not accompany with any variable. It is a term segregated by mathematical operations.

This image depicts "constant" in an equation or expression

Coefficient: is a term which is composed of a variable and constant. A number is always accompanied with variable in it.

This image depicts "coefficient" in an expression or equation

Mathematical expression: is a component of algebra where it is composed of variable, coefficient, constant and mathematical operations.

Mathematical equation: Composition of mathematical equation is similar to mathematical equation. Main difference is just "equal sign". Infact, mathematical equation is supposed to be the composition of two mathematical expressions differentiated by "equal sign"(See fig 2 for a better example).

Conclusion: In conclusion, Algebra is a branch of mathematics which deals with arithmetic operations, variables, coefficients and constants. It has 2 components: Mathematical expression and Mathematical equation. It was introduced by Muslim mathematician "Al-Khuwarizmi".

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