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Saudi Arabia to Witness above 2 Million Pilgrims in Hajj 2023

Updated: Aug 17, 2023

Hajj 2023

Reduced Covid-19 restrictions last year, this year more pilgrims are expected to perform Hajj. Last year the count of pilgrims was 1 million round about and this year 2 million pilgrims are expected.

Last year the number of pilgrims were increased to about 1 million as compared to several thousand the year before that. Due to the settled situation of Covid-19 and vaccination procedure has been followed accordingly now the restrictions will reduce more. But still protective measures to be followed by the pilgrims. Last year there was another factor involved related to the ages of the pilgrims but this year all the restrictions have been wiped out. In 2021, the least mount of pilgrims were recorded, that were around 60000 in which majority was of the local pilgrims while the international flights were restricted. In the pre-pandemic era the number of pilgrims that used to visit Saudi Arabia were above 2 million every year. So, it can be easily said that in 2023 the Hajj will get back to its normal routine and the amount of pilgrims will be maintained in future as well.

The government of Saudi Arabia is taking Hajj 2023 seriously and the arrangements needed for it as well. As hajj is once in a lifetime opportunity for many therefore the government is ensuring enough measures for the safety and security of pilgrims. Last year the government tried smart technologies which increase the ease of the pilgrims and same will be followed this year. The pilgrims will be given smart ID's which will ensure smooth transportation between the two holly cities Makkah and Madinah. Besides that, the government have enhanced the visa process and made it easy according to the needs of visa. e-visa is introduced as well, which will ensure the access to every individual.

It is concluded, with the increase of pilgrims the Saudi government is also trying to enhance their experience. That is why every year advancement of technology is ensured so that the pilgrims finds the Hajj an easy task.

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