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How To Plan For The Next Year While Reflecting On The Past Experience.

Updated: May 2

Past & future

As the year is reaching it's end, it is important for us a teacher and student to reflect on our past experiences and plan in a better way for the next academic year. This will help in an organized conduct of the new academic year while fixing the issues of the previous year.

It is not a hard task to reflect on the previous year and we will make it simpler for you to try. If as a student or teacher you are successful to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the past , then planning for the next year is a cup of tea. Therefore, to reflect on the last year you just need to have two lists one is for the success and strengths while the other one is for your weaknesses and failures. The probability of strengths should be greater than weaknesses if you want to become successful.

List down your successes. Here you need to remind all the activities that you have attended while the past year. These activities may include classroom projects, quizzes, tests, viva and extra cocurricular activities in the school like sports and speech competitions. Now you need to chunk down those events which were challenging and you achieved in it. The non-challenging activities in which the student or teacher has succeeded will come down in the list. Challenging activities will be prioritized because it shows the resilience and hardworking skills of an individual.

Some of the questions that you can ask while listing your strengths are as follow.

  • Reason behind the success?

  • Particular steps that helped us to progress in the activity?

  • What features did we enjoy and what helped us to overcome the difficulties?

These steps will help you identify several strategies that may have helped you shaped your educational career. One of the important example can be that of time management where the students adjusted their time and they succeed in results. Like chunking down the time of study instead of studying one time on the exam night.

List down your failures. The successes identify the strengths of an individual and encourage them to try it again and again. Similarly, the failures identify the weaknesses of an individual which should overcome in future. It should include such events which were hard to pass by while the past academic year. Secondly, activities which seem challenging and the student didn't participated in that should be noted down in the list.

Some of the questions related to your failure are as follow.

  • What are the things that made the tasks difficult?

  • What steps are missing?

  • How it can be improved next time?

It is important the as an individual we should not feel down looking at the failures in our life. Failures always teach us how to get out of difficult situation next time. Therefore, it should be taken as a learning curve and we should focus more on the things that let us down in future.


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