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California Subject Examinations for Teachers

California Subject Examination for Teachers

CSET is the short form of the California Subject Examination for Teachers, this is a certification test for the teachers in California. This is a necessary test for those candidates who want to pursue their career as an educator/teacher. This test has been developed by the California Commission on Teaching Credentialing.

The subjects for which this test are conducted are Mathematics, English, Science, social sciences, multiple subjects and writing skills. This test is conducted in two ways that are computer based and in person vue testing center. Besides that, the test can be booked throughout the year on working days by visiting CSET website.

The scoring criteria of the test is explained briefly in the CSET section along with the tests for different subjects. Now we will discuss about the CSET Mathematics test, its subtests and necessary topics.

CSET Mathematics include a total of 3 subtest which contains different topics like algebra and geometry. The time allowed for the subtest 01 & 02 is 2.5 hours and there are 35 MCQs and 3 constructive response questions. Subtest 03 contains 30 MCQs and 2 constructive response questions which can be attempted in 2 hours. The topics for each tests are as follows:




Number of Quantity & Algebra


Geometry , Probability and statistics



Below is the video which gives an idea about the CSET mathematics test and in particularly Subtest 01. Some examples are solved which will give you an idea about the test and how to attempt the questions of the test.


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