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Common Math mistakes that students usually do.

Updated: May 2


Students consider Mathematics as one of the most difficult subject in the school. The common math mistakes done in mathematics are more then any subjects. Here we will present some of the common mistakes that students usually attempt and it cause reduction in marks.

For majority of the students starting with the mathematics subject is very difficult because of the diversity of the subject. It is not like conventional subject where things remain same after years passes. There is a variation in the questions as well as the formulas of the subjects. Sometimes, theorems also transforms after some time. These are some of the reasons why math is considered as the most difficult subject.

Difficulty in connectivity with the real-life application

Most of the time mathematics is ignored as a subject because students think it has nothing to do with reality. Therefore, students used to ignore important questions, which is not a wise decision. In this regard, our tutors are also not up to the mark because they didn't show the relevance of the subject with reality. Secondly, it is important that for young kids realistic tools should be used to solve questions and make concepts clear for them. e.g. using puzzles and blocks while instruction will make concepts like counting, fractions etc. easy for the students. students who are in senior levels should consult with teachers more and should enquire about the use of different concepts in real-life as well as role in future studies.

Messy Handwriting

This is one of the most common problem with the young students where they do not understand their writing themselves. Students do mix up different digits with each other like 7 and 1. Secondly, math mistakes becomes worse when the students doesn't realize their mistakes on time, which lead up to wrong answers. Lastly, columns and rows are involved in mathematics that is why a little long step in the answer can result in wrong answers.

Memorization Technique Involvement

Most of the young students and some seniors students memorize different concepts while practicing the questions. Students can face difficulty if he losses memory while they quizzes and assignments. The students are required to understand the concepts deeply and do not rely on memorizing the concepts.

These are some of the mistakes which students usually do while attempting assignments and quizzes. Therefore the students should be aware of these mistakes while attempting quizzes and examination.


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