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Paragraph Comprehension

The name clarifies everything which means that understanding of the paragraph. Paragraph comprehension test is about understanding the text and extracting key information from the text. The questions in this section are such that their answers are present in the given paragraph. Therefore, it is necessary to read the text with focus and keep in mind all the necessary points.

Steps to solve Paragraph comprehension Questions


Computerized Version of paragraph comprehension Test Contains 10 Questions and has a time limit of 27 minutes.

Paper & pen Based paragraph comprehension Test contains 15 Questions and has a time limit of 13 minutes.

Reading Tips and Strategies

  1. Identify the obvious wrong answers as in all questions there is one choice which is totally wrong. Therefore, eliminate that choice, which will increase the correct answer probability by 25%. 

  2. Try to figure out that answer which is best matched with the question.

  3. Look For qualifiers. 

  4. Eliminate similar answer choices. As only one answer can be correct therefore two similar answers should be eliminated.

  5. Focus on the words in the question and identify what is demanded.

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