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Arithmetic reasoning is a type of test in which you will have to solve arithmetic and math word problems. This is known as Arithmetic Reasoning subtest because you have to solve addition, subtraction, multiplication and division questions by giving reasons how you solve them. Basically, this section is used to test your basic and arithmetic's problems understanding and solving abilities.

Types of Question on ASVAB AR



Math Exercises


Math Formulas and a Calculator


Math Teacher With Face Mask


Alongside the above concepts the other concepts that can appear in the examination are percentages, ratios & proportional and fractions & decimals. The use of calculator is prohibited in the examination.

No of Questions and Allowed time

Computerized Version of paragraph comprehension Test Contains 15 Questions and has a time limit of 55 minutes.

Paper & pen Based paragraph comprehension Test contains 30 Questions and has a time limit of 36 minutes.

Our Preparation Course include

  • In-depth Lessons

  • Practice Questions

  • Video tutorials

  • Flash Cards

  • Mobile and internet access and more

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