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Machine Arm Assembling Car

ASVAB Assembling Objects

As the word assembling means to add together similar is the aim of the ASVAB Assembling Objects sections. In this section your ability to visualize and determine how the object can be combined together. It tests your visual and fitting ability of different objects. The test is somewhat similar to playing puzzle game where you have to best fit the parts of object to make a meaningful sketch or picture.

Types of Question on ASVAB AO

  • Connector Problems. These are a type of questions in which a series of shapes having dots in them are given. You have to connect them in the right way and select the right option.

  • Assembling Shapes. In these questions you have to assemble different shapes together and make the ideal one from that. Select the right shape in the choices after that.

This shows various shapes

No of Questions and allowed Time

Computerized Version of paragraph comprehension Test Contains 15 Questions and has a time limit of 17 minutes.

Paper & pen Based paragraph comprehension Test contains 25 Questions and has a time limit of 15 minutes.

Our Preparation Course include

  • In-depth Lessons

  • Practice Questions

  • Video tutorials

  • Flash Cards

  • Mobile and internet access and more

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