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Private lessons with expert Mathematics, Chemistry, English & IELTS tutors.

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What we offer

US Elite Tutoring provides online and offline expert tutoring service.

We’re a tutoring service with the mission to provide a world-class education in Maths, Science, Calculus  & English Subjects for anyone, anywhere.

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Math Tutor

Mathematics is taught by our world class quality math specialists. Tutors are available for almost every grade. Our Math's tutors are highly professional and experienced. To avail deep understanding about the subject and offers please click on the button below.

IELTS Training

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IELTS is taught by native Americans. Our tutors have full command on all four modules of IELTS. The tutors will fully prepare and provide assistance about IELTS module and test. To know more about the course and what we offer click on the button below.



Chemistry is taught by our world class quality chemistry specialists. almost every branch of chemistry will be covered by our tutors. students satisfaction will be prioritized. If you have any queries or want to know about our offers please click on the button below.


English Course

Quality English is taught by native Americans. Just like IELTS courses English courses will be thought by experienced and professional tutors. grammar and vocabulary will be focused by the tutors. To know more about the subject please click on the button below.

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We provide you with the opportunity of learning 1-on-1 online or Physical


Customize your learning according to your choices.


Collaborate with the tutors on the resources you need while learning.


Provide students with quality Education in Math and Science Subjects, keep them safe, and teach them critical skills that will give them the tools they need for success in future careers. 

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Our Mission

At US ELITE TUTORING, we support all students in becoming lifelong champions in Math, Science & English Subjects, guided by integrity, connected to our community and focused on academic excellence to build the future of the USA.

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Here is what our students and parents have to say about our brilliant tutors.

We love Tariq! My son is 13 now and doing Algebra I - Honors. He has been working with our son for over a year now. Even worked with him over the summer! Highly recommend! Our son will be in High School this fall and will continue using Tariq.

Lisa, Alex's mom