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Plan Your ACT

Step 01: Set a Goal Score

  • The ideal goal score you want to achieve or which can help you get admission in the college.

  • The average score of ACT is considered 33.

  • 34 score is ranked among excellent scores.

  • 32 is considered the boundary line score.

  • 32-34 is considered as the 25th percentile to 75th percentile score.

Step 02: Find Your Baseline Score

Plans we offer

  1. Low intensity plan of three months.
  2. Medium intensity Plan of three months.
  3. Medium intensity plan of six months.
  4. High intensity plan of one month.
  • This is considered as the starting point of your ACT preparation.

  • The is a score which can be achieved without preparation.

  • This score helps you know what is the level of your ACT understanding.

  • Official ACT practice test is the most realistic and trusted test.

  • Take the practice test in quite room.

  • Use ACT approved calculator and take the test with the ACT time limits.

  • Use ACT scoring guide to calculate your test score.

Step 03: Calculate the time you need to study

  • ACT Baseline score is considered the most important in time calculation.

  • The number of hours you need to study for ACT test are according to the baseline score.

  • Subtract your baseline score from your dream score.

  • The number of hours according to the difference of both scores are given.

Step 04: Pick a Test Date

  • More study means more points gain.

  • The date of the test should be selected according to the preparation.

  • Three to Six months of preparation is ideal one.

  • Select test dates in your free times.

  • Be aware of the different test dates.

Step 05: Gather ACT Study Material

  • Prepare will before the test by keeping the following material in contact.

    • Official ACT practice test.

    • Official sample test questions.

    • Official ACT practice guide. 

  • 0-1 Difference = 10 Hours study

  • 1-2 Difference = 15 Hours study

  • 2-4 Difference = 20 Hours study

  • 4-6 Difference = 40 Hours study

  • 6-9 Difference = 50+ Hours study

Important Factors

  • Calculate the time for preparation of ACT test.

  • Looking into the schedule of test of your desired time.

  • Keep in mind your college application deadlines.

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