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IELTS listening test is the examination of an individual hearing quality that how clearly he grasp concepts. In this test an individual listen to four recordings which are different from each other. All the recordings have different context and goals. The test taker has to listen to those recordings and note the answers on the question sheet. The answers will be converted to answer sheet in the last 10 minutes.

Person studying

Recordings format

The recordings will be different from each other having different tone, accent, context and speakers.

  • Recording 01: A social and everyday conversation between two individuals. e.g. a hotel owner and client discussing rooms for booking.

  • Recording 02: It is based on a speech or talking of single individual in which he will address a specific topic and will go to its details. e.g. a speech of public representative on his plans for the city infrastructure.

  • Recording 03: This is one of the complex part which includes up to four individuals who will be discussing an educational, working or training context. e.g. A boss and employer exchanging arguments on a specific project in which they are facing difficulties.

  • Recording 04: In this part a single individual will talk about an academic subject. e.g. a class presentation in which a student is explaining the harmful effects of global warming.

Type of Tasks

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