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Speech Therapy

English Pronunciation

Speaking English is not a great deal when the opposing one didn't understand. Speaking English matters when listeners understand it easily. English Pronunciation Course is the way to strengthen your pronunciation and vocabulary. Experienced and native American tutors plan the outline of the course where every student can succeed. The lectures/sessions will help you with the right sound and fluency of the words.

Speech Therapy Session

Pronunciation of English sounds

There are words in which are difficult in pronunciation and can change the whole meaning of the sentence with wrong pronunciation. These words mainly include "SH", "CH", L and R. In this course lectures and videos will be based on these words and how to pronounce them in different combinations of words. This course will enable you to speak effortlessly and convey the exact meaning of the sentence to others. 

Level: A1 | A2
Sessions: 3/week
Time: 20 minutes
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