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Grammer Editing

Grammar Course

We provide exemplary guidance and assistance in grammar courses. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate level students. Individuals interested in improving reading, writing and comprehensive skills are welcomed here. The courses are thought in different ways like individualized learning, videos and self-study. So if you are interested in boosting your English language skills, you have visited the right place.

School Students

Grammar for Beginners

Basic topics of A1 and A2 are covered in this course. This is totally based on basic grammar. Past, present and future tenses are addressed in this course. This course is a best match for those students who wants to know about fundamentals of English grammar.

Level: A1 | A2
Sessions: 3/week
Time: 40 mins
Diverse Exchange Students

Grammar for Intermediates

B1 and B2 students are addressed in this course. this course covers all the basic grammar along with model verbs, conditional, narrative tenses and contract words etc. So if you are interested in expanding your English horizon look no further. 

Level: B1 | B2
Sessions: 4/week
Time: 40 mins

How you can learn english

Small Groups Learning

The group will be composed of 4 to 5 students. This type of learning enhance communication and collaboration skills of the students.

Individualized Learning

Student who are comfortable to learn in their own space can learn through individualized learning. Check out the experts and start learning English.

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