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Grammer Editing

Grammar Course

We provide exemplary guidance and assistance in grammar courses. It is ideal for beginners and intermediate level students. Individuals interested in improving reading, writing and comprehensive skills are welcomed here. The courses are thought in different ways like individualized learning, videos and self-study. So if you are interested in boosting your English language skills, you have visited the right place.

Grammar for Beginners

Basic topics of A1 and A2 are covered in this course. This is based on basic grammar. Past, present, and future tenses are addressed in this course. This course is the best match for those students who want to know about the fundamentals of English grammar.

Level: A1 | A2

Time: 40 mins

Sessions: 3/week

Grammar for Intermediates

B1 and B2 students are addressed in this course. this course covers all the basic grammar along with model verbs, conditional, narrative tenses, contract words, etc. So if you are interested in expanding your English horizon look no further. 

Level: B1 | B2

Time: 40 mins

Sessions: 4/week

Advanced Grammar

If you have cleared the basic and intermediate level grammar courses, then C1-Grammer is the next course for you to attend. In this course, you will be assisted through our clear and simple grammar lessons 

Level: C1

Time: 60 mins

Sessions: 4/week

English Grammar Reference

In this section every thing is explained in a simple and clear way. Examples are used how to use these sentences and their importance is known. Besides that interactive exercises are used for practice purpose. This course will enhance your skills in a better and interactive way. 

Level: C2

Time: 40 mins

Sessions: 4/week

We provide you an opportunity to learn grammar correctly and confidently

We provide an inclusive environment with a wide variety of opportunities across courses. The learning materials we use while online lectures are modern and up to the standards. This is why we as a tutoring company give confidence to our students and they can learn in an interactive environment.

One-on-one, collaborative and communicative learning is prioritized according to the needs of the students and their comfort level. 

How you can learn English

Small Groups Learning

Group of Students

The group will be composed of 4 to 5 students. This type of learning enhance communication and collaboration skills of the students.

Individualized Learning

Student and Tutor

Student who are comfortable to learn in their own space can learn through individualized learning. Check out the experts and start learning English.

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