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Playing with Wooden Alphabets

Vocabulary Course

Vocabulary enable us to express our feeling in different ways and use variety of words perfect for a similar situation. We will provide you different opportunities to learn new words and understand their meaning as well. Learning new words will enhance your vocabulary and will make you able to talk more confidently. The levels of vocabulary are explained below.

Basic Vocabulary

This is the basic level of vocabulary learning, where the students are familiarized with the basic concept of vocabulary and importance of learning new words. The course will kick start with simple and basic vocabulary sessions.

Level: A1 | A2

Sessions: 3/week

Time: 40 mins

Intermediate Vocabulary

If you have the basic knowledge about vocabulary then this course is the way forward for you. In this course you will be introduced to new words along with their meanings and pronunciation. After the completion of this course you will be able to communicate confidently and effectively.

Level: B1 | B2

Sessions: 4/week

Time: 40 mins

Vocabulary Games

Sometimes regular practice and similar daily routine can feel boring while learning. Therefore, to feel fresh about the course and make it more interested we have introduced learning vocabulary through games. Interactive activities like word shake and sushi spell will be tried in these sessions.

Level: C1

Sessions: 4/week

Time: 40 mins

We provide you an opportunity to take your vocabulary to the next level.

We provide an inclusive environment with a wide variety of opportunities across courses. The learning materials we use while online lectures are modern and up to the standards. This is why we as a tutoring company give confidence to our students and they can learn in an interactive environment.

One-on-one, collaborative and communicative learning is prioritized according to the needs of the students and their comfort level. 

How you can learn English Vocabulary

Small Groups Learning

Group of Students

The group will be composed of 4 to 5 students. This type of learning enhance communication and collaboration skills of the students.

Individualized Learning

Student and Tutor

Student who are comfortable to learn in their own space can learn through individualized learning. Check out the experts and start learning English.

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