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Computer Circuit Board

Electronics Information

As the name suggests Electronics means it will have a connection with Electricity and devices related to the electronics. It is necessary to have basic knowledge of this course to get enrolled in any sector of the Armed forces including electronics. Besides that, it is also connected with the information section of electronics which means that devices like radios, elevisions, transmitters, transistors and magnets holds an importance.

What is covered on ASVAB Electronics Information

Circuits and the elements included in the circuit


You should have enough knowledge about the circuits and which are the necessary elements in the circuit. What is an open circuit and what is a short circuit etc.

Computer Circuit Board


Transistor a semi-conductor that controls the flow of electricity and there are different types of transistors. Therefore, it is necessary to have knowledge about transistor, it's types and working.

Electrical engineer working on circuit board


Resistance is the process which is completed after induction of the resistor in the circuit. It limits the flow of the electric current.

What is covered on ASVAB Electronics Information

Like other parts of the ASVAB test this test can also be attempted in two ways one is Computer-based while the other is Paper & Pen based examination.

CAT-ASVAB includes 15 questions which should be attempted in 10 minutes.

P&P-ASVAB includes 20 questions which should be completed in 9 minutes.

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